Plants that Accent a Modern Home

Plants can add a sense of the outdoors to indoor spaces. They can give an impression of organic life to otherwise stationary, inanimate rooms. There are so many options available outside of ferns, which are perhaps the most common among household plants. We'll address here a few that maybe escaped notice, but are a worthy addition to any modern home.

A Cacti Perfect for Your Space

There are varieties of cacti that aren't the towering ornaments of the desert. Of course, you can get miniature potted versions, but there are also several relatives of those pillars the many will find to be the perfect alternative. Succulents are available in numerous sizes, shapes, and colors. They are easy to take care of, needing only sunlight everyday and water once every one to two weeks. Because of the ease of their care regime, they can also be arranged in almost any way and thrive. Additionally, if you choose an aloe variety, they have the added bonus of medicinal use.

Fruit Bearing Options

Many people don't realize that there are several fruit bearing plants that can easily be adapted to live and flourish in an indoor space. Species that are particularly agreeable to this setup are citrus plants. In order to keep their size maintained, the pot that they are planted in need only become proportionally the size best fitting to the space. Obviously they produce fresh, organic fruit for your consumption, but they also emit a pleasant, clean, citrus scent into the room. These options are not only unique, but also practical in their edible byproducts.

A Fern for the Uncanny

While some may be looking for something more unique than standard indoor ferns, there are a few varieties that shouldn't be counted out as an option. A Rabbit's Foot Fern has the benefit that all ferns provide, they are a great source of air purification. However, the Rabbit's Foot has the unique appearance of fury-like foliage that grows from the base. It can also be described as looking like a large spider's leg. A downside to this option is they flourish in extremely humid environments, so they are not ideal for every climate naturally. With a little work, this creepy, distinctive plant can be a wonderful addition to any modern space though.

For the contemporary person that has a desire to bring the live presence of plants into their space, there are options available that maintain the attitude of your individual tastes. There is no one need be bound by more traditional options.