How Much Does a Landscaper Cost?

If you're spending countless hours on the weekend cutting your grass and trimming the hedges, you may have thought about hiring a professional landscaper. While these services will, of course, cost you more, is it really worth it?

Let's explore the professional landscaper route and see how much you could save if you were to do it on your own.

Hiring a Landscaper to Cut and Maintain Your Lawn

It's hard to determine how much a landscaper will charge you to cut your lawn since they will base their estimates on the size of your lawn. At a minimum, plan on spending at least $30 for a fresh cut and edging service, but it could be as much as $50 to $60 per visit to mow a half of acre.

Aside from mowing your lawn, landscaping services are also able to apply a fertilizer once per month to help kill the weeds, prevent weed growth and even control the pests. Again, depending on the size of your lawn, an application can range anywhere from $35 to $75 per month.

Why Should You Hire a Landscaper?

It Saves Your Time: Time is money, as they say, and if you hire a landscaping service, you can pay a monthly bill and basically forget your lawn. What you do with this newfound free time is truly up to you.

Offers a Professional Looking Lawn: Drive throughout any subdivision and there's a good chance you will be able to spot the homes that use a professional landscaping service. Since they are the professionals, they know how to keep your yard looking great, and with consistent visits, you never have to worry about those nagging weeds or overgrown lawns.

DIY Landscaping - How Much Will It Cost?

Hiring a landscaper will almost always be the most expensive route to take. Using the numbers above, it's going to cost you, at a minimum, at least $160 per month if they were to come out four times per month at $40 per session. Multiply this number by five or six months and you're close to a grand total of $960 for six months. This wouldn't include fertilizer and would be much higher if you had a yard larger than a half acre.

Now, for the DIY option, a good gas lawn mower will cost you about $200 to $300 and should last you at least five to seven years if you maintain it, essentially costing you less than $30 per season. Factor in about $5 in gasoline during each cut and it's going to cost close to $120 for 24 cuts. Add in the lawn mower, weed trimmer, edger and leaf blower and it's safe to say you will be well under $250 per season, essentially saving you close to $700; however, this won't factor in your hourly rate.

Summarizing the Savings

The larger your yard gets, the more you should be able to save, but with a smaller yard, it's safe to assume you can save close to $700 if you do it on your own without paying yourself an hourly rate. If the savings are worth it to you, then it's safe to say it's best to do it on your own; however, if your hourly rate, plus the DIY costs, don't make sense, then it's best to hire a local pro.