4 Home Additions That Can Improve Your Property Value

Before homeowners take it upon themselves to add new additions or make big changes to their existing home, it’s wise to find out the value of each addition. It’s a common misconception that all upgrades and additions provide additional value to your property, which is why some investments are not good ones. If you’re looking into making some changes to your home with the hopes of adding some property value, consider one of these additions that add serious value.

Professional Landscaping

With pavers, retaining walls, and a water feature, you’re looking at an addition to your home. Landscaping that flows well with the style of the home is a perfect addition for any homeowner. The lawn and exterior of your home are the first things people see when they are introduced to your home for the first time. First impressions aren’t easy to change, and you want everyone to have a stellar first impression of your home.

Inground Pools

Pools are a great investment if you live where they make money. Adding an inground pool in Montana isn’t giving your home the same value it might as adding one in Miami. You must live somewhere with warm weather all year, somewhere with a lot of outdoor living, and somewhere that pools are always a bonus in a home. “Know the market before you add a pool, and you’ll end up with a return on your investment” advises the inground pool experts in Chicago, Sunset Pools & Spas.

Extra Bedrooms

An additional bedroom is always going to add value to any home. Whether the next buyer wants to use it for an office or a guest room or they simply have more kids than you, buyers love additional bedrooms. Since buyers are willing to pay more for them, it increases the value of your home. Remember that an average home has at least three bedrooms, so adding a third bedroom to a two-bedroom home is one of the biggest investments you’ll make.

Additional Bathrooms

An extra bathroom can add a lot of value to a home, especially if it’s upscale and high-end. Think upgraded tiles, solid surface counters, and a walk-in shower. These are great upgrades, and it’s a wonderful addition if you want to add value to your home. One important thing to remember here is too many bathrooms is a turn off. It should be in line with the number of bedrooms you have. A three-bedroom home with two baths sounds more appealing than four-bedroom home with two baths. Buyers would prefer four bedrooms with a third bathroom, but they don’t want two bedrooms and four baths. It’s simple math, and it’s math you must consider.

Adding value to your home is something all homeowners embrace. Not all additions add value, which is why it pays to do your homework to find out what does and doesn’t prior to paying a contractor to come in and make such significant changes to the home you call your own.